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Bobko Family

I spent the sweetest day in downtown Lagrange photographing the Bobko family!

When Salam & Michael contacted me they told me their sweet Ramsey's health took a turn for the worse & they wanted to have some nice family photos taken. I was so honored to be there to spend these special memories with this family ! ( You can see so much love they all have for each other! ) We spent the day in downtown Lagrange doing all of Ramsey's favorite things! ( eating ice cream, watching the Metra train, walking by the post office, and spending time with his parents & brother, Max! And he even opened up a bag of treats all by himself and helped himself to some! ) Ramsey passed away a couple days later, but he had the most special memories shared with his family who I can tell by just spending a few hours with loved him so much. ( And I can see how much he loved them!)

This photo shoot made me really think about why I love my job so much... being able to capture special memories that people can look back on and remember.

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