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Cooking with Joy the Baker's Book "Over Easy"

With so many friends & family gifting me cookbooks , I figured it was time I started really using them! ( And taking pictures as well!) My newest recipe book addition, "Over Easy" by Joy the Baker , was given to me by my cousin for my birthday! We wanted to go see her when she came to Chicago for her book signing and brunch demo, but I wasn't able to make it! :( So, I was super excited when my cousin surprised me with the book!! All of the recipes look SOOOO GOOD so it was hard to choose just one!

Tonight for dinner I decided to make the Bacon, Brie, and Apple Grilled Cheese. It was AMAZING!

I never thought of putting apple slices in my grilled cheese sandwich, but it really worked well with the melted brie cheese & crispy bacon! And added a pop of color for photos that look just as delicious as it tasted! :)

I paired the sandwich with some soup & my husband enjoyed it just as much as I did!

I absolutely LOVE Joy the Baker's "Over Easy" recipe book! I can't wait to make some more recipes! :)

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